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Criminal Defense

If you’ve been arrested, charged with a crime, believe that you may be charged with a crime, are under investigation, or have been asked to speak with the police or other members of law enforcement, it is important to hire an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to protect your rights and help guide you through the criminal court system.

A criminal case can begin even before you have been officially charged with a crime. Attorney Klotz is experienced with all phases of the criminal process including pre-charge investigation, clerk’s hearings, arraignment and bail, discovery, motion practice, trial, as well as post-trial issues including probation surrenders. Having a qualified and competent Criminal Defense Attorney like Seth Klotz beside you at each step of the way is critical to achieving the best possible outcome.

One of the biggest mistakes a Defendant can make is to try to “go it alone.” Some Defendants attempt to represent themselves and negotiate with prosecutors, or probation officers without legal counsel. When a Defendant does this, they may inadvertently make incriminating statements, give up certain rights, or enter agreements that are not favorable to them. A prosecutor’s job is to obtain convictions, guilty pleas, and generally the harshest sentences possible, with the most onerous restrictions. The deck is often stacked against a Defendant already . . . don’t make the situation any more difficult! That’s why you need a knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorney like Seth D. Klotz zealously advocating on your behalf.

Just being charged with a crime may have “collateral consequences” which Defendants oftentimes don’t know about. These “collateral consequences” may include a suspension or revocation of driving privileges, fines, loss of government benefits, restrictions on travel, exclusion from specific geographic areas, or required submission to drug or alcohol tests, just to name a few. It is important to consult with an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney like Seth D. Klotz as early in the criminal process as possible to help you better understand the charges against you, the potential penalties, and the best way to fight back.

Attorney Seth D. Klotz handles Criminal matters in the Massachusetts Courts.

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